The creator of Android could sell his company, and cancels out the Essential Phone 2

Bad news for the followers of the Essential Phone, the first smartphone from the creator of Android, and that to this day is one of the phones most interesting market, however, as mentioned by Bloomberg, Andy Rubin, creator of Android has cancelled the development of the Essential Phone 2, and have planned to sell your company.

As reported by the site american, Andy Rubin has spent close to $ 100 million in his company to this day, which is practically the third part of all that has been raised in a home for his foundation.

And is that the creator of Essential has retained the services of Credit Suisse Group AG to receive a advice on the sale of his company, of which up to this point has not estimated their value.


Essential Phone

The source mentions that there is a buyer interested in Essential Inc, which includes patents, developed technology, and research programs of the company, and that is despite the fact that things are not going as Andy Rubin would like, we must not forget that their phone is one of the most daring in terms of design, however, the price was its Achilles heel.

The Essential Phone drastically reduces your price

It was in 2017 when he presented the Essential Phone, and the problems were not long in coming, as the shipments were delayed, in addition to that in the beginning there were problems with the camera, screen and even iFixit rated it with a single point of ten possible the difficult to repair the equipment, so that very interesting that outside the device, people were not willing to pay 699 $ for a brand that was premiered in the market.

And despite the fact that Andy Rubin to leave to be the CEO and owner of Essential, the truth is that in the event that you get a buyer interesting in the future of the brand can be very good, because we must not forget that it has a good amount of employees who worked previously for Apple and Google.

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