The painful awakening of a patient after suffering a fracture of the penis

The fracture of penis is a type of injury that tends to occur while sexual intercourse. But the trade publication BMJ Case Reports sets out a case is really unusual. The patient was a father of a family indian who took a dose of viagra to perform intercourse with his wife. But several hours later, the erection still had not gone away.

The man chose to masturbate to see if it put an end to your erection, but everything was the same. Finally, the patient fell asleep. It was then when it happened the catastrophe. And what happened is that your son in a few years he entered the room, and had no better occurrence than to jump on the erect penis of his father asleep, causing the fracture (which is no picture, only suitable for the least sensitive).

The specialists called fracture of penis, rupture of the tunica albuginea, which is the sheath of the cavernous body of phallus, and it is composed of 5% of tissue flexible, so that it plays a prominent role in the erection. The surgery is the remedy usual for this type of injury, although in many cases the patients have sequelae which cause erectile dysfunction.

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