The strange Oumuamua What Object interstellar natural or a tube alien?

The Universe is indeed a mysterious place. By a part is immense, and on the other we understand it bit. Thus, we find amazing things when we looked at it, and in addition, we generated a number of questions, which seem to prove that they never even understand why the Universe is as it is and the laws of physics that are in the same.

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In 2017 an object interstellar exceedingly strange happened near the Earth. Now there is the theory that this could have been an artificial object, a piece of space, a probe perhaps, that could have been sent by some alien civilization. This theory, interestingly, is not of people unemployed or conspiranoicos always, no. They are now the Harvard researchers who suggest this idea in a new article.

There’s data on the orbit of this object where there is no other explanation. This is why we wrote the article suggesting this solution”, said professor Avi Loeb, head of the department of astronomy of Harvard. “The approach that we take on the subject is purely scientific and based only on the evidence. As far as we know, there is no other explanation. Perhaps it could be ruled out as there is more information on the case,” the researcher said. l work has been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Letters, to the 12 of November.

This article, written by Loeb and the researcher of post-doctorate, Shmuel Bialy, suggest that the object could be a candle of light, or a solar sail, a proposed method to provide power to the spacecraft through a scheme like the of the sails of the boats, is obtained by pressure of radiation which could serve to move the ships, as when the wind moves a boat with just the sails. The object, ‘Oumuamua -which means in the language of Hawaii – a “Messenger from far away arrived first”, is the first “intruder” has been observed in the orbits of our planets within the solar system. Saw for the first time in October of 2017, at the observatory Hakeakala, of the University of Hawaii.

It is expected that the object in question continue your journey and never return. It should be noted that the object emitted a radio signal that was so weak as one-tenth of a mobile phone signal. There were researchers who noted -in December 2017 – that the object seemed to be formed naturally, with a cover of ice naturally formed. and Partners.

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