The failure of security by the you should update Whatsapp immediately

Although it has transcended now, the popular messaging application Whatsapp had a security hole that was detected in August and that has led the company to distribute a patch that fixes the vulnerability.

The error affects both devices Android and iOS and it concerns video calls, via which hackers can be done with the application. The vulnerability was discovered last August by researcher Natalie Silvanovich, a member of Project Zero, the program from cyber-security to Google.

“This problem can occur when a user of WhatsApp accepts a call from a node is malicious,” he explained Tavis Silvanovich, also investigator of project Zero, via Twitter. The security flaw was located in the use of the protocol of data transmission for video conferencing Real-Time Transport (RTP).

A company spokesman has confirmed to Reuters that WhatsApp has solved the problem in your ‘app’ with the distribution of a security patch, available in the updated versions of the application: 2.18.302 and higher for Android and 2.18.93 and higher for iOS, how to pick up Der Spiegel. Until that do not update your terminal, avoid picking calls from unknown users.

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