The photographer of prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed 13 tips for taking perfect photos

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski has a biography quite interesting. He was born in London, grew up in Botswana and now lives in New York. It belongs to the ancient family of princely, Poland, and was commissioned to take photographs of the engagement of prince William and Kate Middleton. However, he met the prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently in December of 2017.

The representatives of Kensington Palace is contacted with Lubomirski and invited to meet with the future spouses. He thought it was a joke, but it turned out that one of the acquaintances of the couple continued their work on Instagram and I admired it. So this became the photographer commissioned to do the official portraits of the engagement and the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

His work has earned more than 2 million “likes” on account of Instagram of the royal family. The editor of the page Meghansmirror believe that the photos of the royal couple seem more images of the magazine is a historical document. In them, viewers see the emotions, the love and the energy of both. The expert on body language Judy James said that in the royal portraits formal bride and groom look so much in love that to the audience it appears that you are experiencing a true personal moment with them.

How can photography lovers achieve the same effect and get emotional pictures to preserve important moments of life? Alexi Lubomirski has had some professional secrets in their interviews, and in decided to share them with our readers.

If you shoot it

Even the black and white photos of Lubomirski look alive and bright. This is because that register emotions: positions natural, smiles, cheerful and look happy. Your naturalness is the key to successful photography.

  • When Alexi met with the couple for the first time, he noticed that occasionally they touched and held hands, and that he really liked. Then I said to the engaged couple that just walked down the garden and be themselves, which will no doubt make no movement. And who treated him simply as a person who walked with a camera in his hands.
  • In all the photos taken by Lubomirski, the bodies of Harry and Meghan are played, which indicates a strong attachment. Even in the images group the groom is very close to the wedding, and one of them even laid a hand on his shoulder. If you want to achieve an effect of intimacy in the pictures joint, think about these details.
  • When you take a family photo is easy to forget the main objective: the images must be memories. The photographer gave a tip simple in this regard: have fun, try not to worry about the kids running around and making faces. In the future, when you look at this image, these “defects” seem more valuable and moving than the poses static and faces serious.
  • To relax and show emotions honest for a photo shoot family or romantic, it is better to choose a special place that means something to you, that is associated with some event: the site where was your first date, the first declaration of love, or, perhaps, simply a place that they frequent. The first photos of the couple that Lubomirski did took place in the residence of Frogmore House, where the lovers spent a lot of time together.
  • In just a couple of minutes, Lubomirski managed to get a picture incredibly romantic. The photographer thought at a angle and said, “Sit down on the stairs.” Then Meghan fell on the steps at the side of Harry, and they both laughed heartily. Therefore, in the photo they are captured real emotions, and despite the fact that they were both exhausted after a long celebration under the gaze of hundreds of people and cameras, they look happy. Therefore, during the photo session, focus on your feelings and pleasant moments of life, and leave all your worries for later.

If you take photos

  • To make a person smile, look at her, smiles at first and expected that she will return the gesture. So what did Lubomirski when he photographed queen Elizabeth.
  • If you take photos of a group of restless kids, use the tips from Alexi to arouse your interest and put them at ease. Attracts his attention: ask them if they like candy, famous cartoon, or what gifts are waiting for Christmas. Lubomirski had to do a portrait group in the Green Room, but each child did their things, no one wanted to “cooperate”. The photographer saw that some of them had Smarties in their hands (popular sweet in England, similar to the M&M’s). Then simply shouted out in a loud voice: “Who loves the Smarties here?”. The children smiled and raised their hands instantly, even the adults were relaxed. Then you could all sit down quickly in their places and take a picture.
  • Remember that a familiar image should not look like a photo of a sports team. Alexi understood that he was making a historical document is official, but I wanted to capture a family, not a group of wax statues. Therefore, I deliberately made the image asymmetrical: some are seated on the floor, others in chairs, and the rest is standing. The children in the photo was lean and stretch the arms, which gives them movement and liveliness.
  • Lubomirski has not denied that it looked at wedding photos of other members of the royal family. But more than inspiration, he did so to add something authentic to the official images, details that reflect the love of the newlyweds and the importance of the celebration. Before a photo session scheduled, sees jobs on the Internet. You can find new ideas and to think about what to do for your image to be special. In this way, Alexi managed to take photos of the royal couple’s more informal, with an emphasis on their love, happiness and youth.
  • Not controls each photo. Take 50 images and watch them later. This way, you will have more chances to catch a sincere smile and emotions lively.
  • If the model can’t relax and change expression “frozen” face, ask him to run towards you. Alexi admits that often uses this technique: he moves away and asks the person to run to him. This makes children laugh and adults to show their emotions and natural movements. Lubomirski believed that during a trot, a part of the brain will be busy at that, making a shy person just forget your fear.
  • Invented postures and gestures that convey the right mood. Guide to the models and encourage it. During the first session of photos, Lubomirski asked the prince that wrapped Meghan in his coat and the hug. When the couple began to follow the instructions of the photographer, he literally began to shout: “wow, This is great! Is amazing!”. Then the lovers relaxed and smiled even more, showing sincere feelings in the photo. Alexi says that there is nothing worse than participating in a photo session with a photographer silent.
  • The bad light can ruin even the frame more beautiful. Lubomirski remember that the photos tend to look better at the end of the day, when the sun begins to set. Precisely the evening was taken to the black and white image of Meghan and Harry on the stairs. If you need to take photos during the day, wear it under the crown of a tree: you’ll get an ambient light and an interesting location.

And, of course, a good photographer must win the trust of those who take photos, and do not have the posture of a head strict. “Always joking, saying that you have to be a psychologist and a party guest, and only after you take out the camera and become a photographer”, has Alexi.

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