The future of video games will start on Android with Samsung and Xbox

It has long been said that the future of gaming is in streaming, and in that capacity to be able to run a title from a console, a phone or tablet from the Internet, although with the same quality and speed that we see on a console when we play directly with the disk or downloaded game.

It is true that there are already services of video game streaming, we have options such as the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, GeForce Now NVIDIA and several more options, but so far none has emerged as the ultimate choice for the future, the same future that we discussed earlier, where you can play exactly the same from the computer, phone, tablet, or console, however, it seems that might soon change.

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And is that although we can berate Microsoft to much of his catalog is far behind than what is shown on Sony, or even Nintendo, the reality is that the company from Redmond seems to be the most advanced in regard to the future of video games, and all this is thanks to xCloud, your platform streaming of video games more powerful today.

We had already talked about Microsoft Project xCloud few days ago, but already there is an announcement on the arrival of the project to the Samsung smartphones, so the future of this industry is near, and will begin in Android from the hand of Samsung.

The future is now

Although I have not been given many details and we have not seen much evidence on how it will work xCloud on consoles and mobile devices, everything seems to be ready to start testing with users at the beginning of 2019, and obviously the first Android users can try the service will be the customers of Samsung.

Again, neither Samsung nor Microsoft have given details about the tests, we don’t know what day exactly they will begin, or in what countries, much less what equipment will be compatible, however, is likely to start only in the high range have access to Project xCloud, as for example the Galaxy S10, Note 9 and S9.

According to Microsoft, xCloud will give us quality and graphics of the console in smartphones, the only thing that we will need the users to work is an Internet connection, in addition to a subscription when the service is released officially, although for the moment we still have to wait several months.

How will Project xCloud?

The video games Xbox is will work thanks to the Cloud, Azure Microsoft, the servers run the game and broadcast of the image and sound to Galaxy smartphones, and the Redmond company is developing controls for smartphones that allow you to have a gaming experience complete.

Supposedly the lag will be virtually undetectable to the user, although it will also have to have a minimum connection speed to be able to have a satisfying experience.

Microsoft will surely reveal more details of the operation as you near the opening date of the tests to users of Project xCloud. and Partners.

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