The Galaxy S10 more economic would have fingerprint reader side

In the last few days we have talked a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S10, one of the phones that could mark the future of the Samsung family, as it would be the tenth anniversary of the brand, and the company is planning to launch three different versions of this device, two of them with fingerprint reader on screen display and dual camera (Galaxy S10) and triple (Galaxy S10+), however, the simpler model will not have a fingerprint reader rear, but side.

So what indicates the average Korean, The Bell, who collected a testimony from a person close to the project, where it is mentioned that due to the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will be computers very powerful and with the latest technology, will also be more expensive than has been the S9 and S9+, so that the company is thinking in a most affordable model, known until now as the S10 WAS.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 and S10+, the S10 WILL not have FOD (Fingerprint On Display, or fingerprint Reader on the screen), but plan to place it on the side of the computer.

This certainly would help dispel the criticism on the company that you have had since the Galaxy S8, because even in the S9, it has seemed to us that it is in the best position, however, on the side is an option more convenient and easy to use, in fact Sony did so for a long time, and the current Moto Z3 Play has opted for the same position.

The doubt now is if this Galaxy S10 WILL screen Edge, because judging by the current design of the S9, there appears to be no place to put a fingerprint reader on the side.

These would be the dates of presentation of the Galaxy X and Galaxy S10

We must not forget that the idea of a Galaxy S10 IS it has been put on the table to launch a team of more accessible price, so that does not include a sensor of fingerprints under the screen will reduce the price of the sale, and would happen the same if you also do not include a screen Edge, however, robbed him of an identity to the team, because at the end of the day will still be part of the Galaxy S10

Do you think that Samsung will bet on a finger sensor side?

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