The Galaxy S10 would have three different versions with three systems of different cameras

The samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the releases more important in the 2020, not only because it will be the first high-end smartphone from Samsung this year, but because it will mark 10 years of the launch of the Galaxy S, the smartphone that planted face to the iPhone.

And despite the fact that there are still almost 2 years for this event, the first rumors have been made present, and it is that Samsung is already planning everything to begin the new era of the family S, that is the reason why it seems that the Galaxy S10 will be the first of the family to cast in three different versions, which differ in some hardware features, but above all for its system of cameras.

So, chambers will be the main differentiator of the Galaxy S10, then the simpler model will have a simple camera, while the more complete will be the first of the signature to show up with a system of cameras triple as did Huawei with the P20 Pro.

What a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 with screen forward and back? So shows a patent from Samsung

According to the source, the Galaxy S10 now have a name key, which is “Beyond” (beyond, in English), which perfectly demonstrates what Samsung wants to make with this new family of devices.

Likewise, it seems that the S10 could be the first smartphones of the company that will have a screen that will leverage the 95% of the front, placing the sensors under the front, along with the fingerprint reader, that for that then it might work as it should.

As mentioned, there is still a lot for this event, but what is a fact is that Samsung pull the house out the window for this release.

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