Graphene also serves as to dye her hair

The extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties of graphene make this material of carbon have a multitude of applications, but until now no one had used in dyes for hair. Researchers from Northwestern University (USA) published it in the journal Chem.

“The hair is covered with scales cuticular similar to that of a fish, and the people who are stained, you have to use ammonia or amines organic to lift them –with the consequent cracking– and thus allow the dye molecules to penetrate fast,” says Jiaxing Huang, one of the authors, “but this product does not contain organic solvents or any ingredients molecular toxic.”

Its effectiveness has to do with the structure of graphene, which is made of thin sheets and flexible, they can adapt to irregular surfaces, such as the hair.

The new dye-graphene can be applied using a process of spraying, brushing and subsequent drying. In this way is adhered to the surface of the hair, forming a coating that is resistant to at least 30 washes. Its duration is similar to that of permanent dyes, but without the need of chemicals traditional that damage the hair.

Another of its advantages are its antistatic properties and of heat dissipation. Each hair-coated is like a small wire that can conduct heat and electricity. This helps dissipate the static electricity and avoids the problem that it stirred up your hair in bad weather conditions.

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