The iPhone 3GS of 2009 is put back on sale

One of the phones most iconic of Apple was without a doubt the iPhone 3GS, which already had an Internet connection much faster, and above all not allowed to enjoy a better multimedia experience. And today, almost 10 years later, the phone has returned to the market.

It has been the operator in south korea SK Telink which he has put to sale again the device, but exclusively in South Korea. And although many might believe that it is of equipment used, the reality is that they are phones new and original, which will only have been open for the telephone company could make sure that it worked without problem.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is not a special edition of the iPhone 3GS, therefore we will not have Apple support on the phone, in fact you can only run iOS 6 and therefore many applications will no longer work on the computer, so we can consider it as a phone collection.

How Goodbye Lightning?, it seems that the iPhone will already have a USB-C

The price of these phones will be 44 thousand won, which is about 40 dollars (a little over 800 pesos MXN), and neither will have a warranty.

What do you think the bet of SK Telink?

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