The iPhone could become your new official identification

Within the list of objects that are necessary to take when you leave the home are keys, wallet and phone, because they are essential as the day passes by; a few help to open the door of the home, while others contain information that serves to identify in a given case it is needed.

Based on that and the fact that all the time you have the cell next to or near one, Apple I think that would be a good idea for the iPhone or any of your devices, serve as a method of official identification, in place of the credentials and/or passports.

To carry out this idea, the company registered a patent in the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States, where it describes one of its products could have the storage required for an official identification, in order to use it and show it to government entities that need a method of authentication.

In a nutshell, it is a format that will permit you to store verified documents such as a driver’s license, passport or some other identification document.

Despite the fact that Apple does not mention that the iPhone could be the device chosen for this patent, has the belief that it would be the ideal device, because people takes it everywhere and uses it as a tool to perform hundreds of actions.

With this basis, it has been speculated what would be the procedure that would follow to be an official identification, and it would be to make use of the NFC (Near Field Communication), a technology that enables short-range wireless communication between various devices, because this way, is that it would allow that data of a physical document, you could move to the iPhone and create a copy verified.

Apple ensures that the iPhone does not record or spy on their users

This would also have the necessary information to be able to be identified at any time, to avoid duplicates or fakes.

Despite the fact that nothing is guaranteed, it should be noted that if this patent becomes a reality, the iPhone will become the new digital wallet that everyone would want to have. and Partners.

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