The “iPhone X” with Android Motorola arrives in Mexico, and this is your price

In the last IFA in Berlin Motorola introduced its new Android-powered smartphone with One known as the Motorola One, a team that in addition to having Android fully pure, this has a similar very similar to the iPhone X Apple, in fact, many will call the “iPhone X Motorola”.

Well, as the brand promised, today has arrived to Mexico this new device, and these are their characteristics:

As you can see it is a mid-range smartphone, with specs enough to run Android pure without any problem, however, the firm has been a little more conservative than we would like, because if we compare it with the new My A2 from Xiaomi that is also part of the program Android One, then you will notice that the Motorola One is left behind in the smartphone from Xiaomi.

VIDEO: Meet the Motorola One and One Power from the IFA

The design is another of the things that we can put to discussion, on the one hand be appreciated that the aspect ratio 19:9 , this is all thanks to the notch, but the company has been inspired too much on Apple, when other companies have a notch minimalist or smaller.

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In the back we have the dual camera sensors of 13 and 2 MP, the second sensor will serve for photographs with blur or also known as bokeh effect.

Your letter strong are the operating system updates

If something we should make clear is that the current Motorola (which already belongs to Lenovo) it seems that it has shelved the policy updates that both characterized the brand for years, however with a phone that carries the Android One, then the firm is obliged to release monthly security updates (for three years), and also to release the major updates of the software over two years, which means that the phone should receive the Android Q without any problem.

Recall that in this case Google is not responsible for the updates, but the manufacturer, so Motorola should put the batteries in this area.

Price and availability in Mexico

The equipment will be available in the next few days in different shops and the Bike Store of our country, and its price will be $7,999 MXN.

On the other hand, the company has mentioned that it will also be available on AT&T and Movistar coming soon. and Partners.

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