The iPhone X is considered as a professional camera

The iPhone X, which is the last smartphone created by the signing of Cupertino, has so many attachments that will impress anyone, within them, and the more flame the attention is the camera, since the quality of the pictures that you take is so much, as that is when they are taken in a professional studio.

This is due to the Portrait Lighting, a mode that allows you to modify the lighting of the portraits by using a software and the detection of depth, in addition to the focal lens of 50 mm is integrated.

With this feature, attention is given to the most important factor that you need to take a “good picture:” the light, because without it there is nothing to portray, much less a decent result.

In addition to that account with the Bayer filter, which allows the camera to capture more clearly the light to filter it in RGB, and in this way to understand what percentage of red, green, or blue each part of the image, as this information is passed to the chip Image Signal Processor, which is inside the cell and helps to process and enhance photographs to increase speed and efficiency.

In this way, it is like the portrait mode has managed to look professional, competing with the quality that is reflected in the photos that one takes some professional site where there are reflectors of light, and different lenses and objectives.

In this situation, some people commented that the iPhone camera could be compared with that of a photographic equipment professional, but there were many others who refused to even put them in the same range.

However, the last word had the organization Advertising Starndards Authority, who explained that the cell phone camera created by Apple, it can certainly be considered as a professional camera without any problem.

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According to this, it is like the advertising campaign of the company regarding the new smartphone is entirely true and valid, since it does not lie in anything of what he says with respect to the superb quality of the photographs.

The result of the declaration of the HANDLE, allows currently you can consider the iPhone X as a professional camera, despite being simple and simply a phone.

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