The iPhone X Tesla with solar charging it is the last gasp of the future

If you are one of those who has lost faith in the iPhone, do not go so fast because maybe you didn’t know iPhone X Tesla. This is the last whim of the manufacturer Russian gadgets of luxury Caviar and it is nothing less that is a version of the smartphone with a solar power panel because yes.

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Of course, this extravagant version of the iPhone is not at all cheap, in fact it costs five times more than the normal version of the device, but even despite its high price (4,587 dollars for the model of 64GB or 4,829 dollars for the version of 256GB.), Caviar did not supply and sold out the 99 copies that originally planned, so that will increase the production to 999 iPhone X Tesla.

If this were not enough, the panel protects your smartphone from a fall, but the point against is that the cell phone Apple lost its elegance, since the thickness of the phone almost beseeching, while the solar panel doesn’t look as nice.

According to the manufacturer, the outside of the iPhone X Tesla is made of carbon fiber, able to absorb any impact and is resistant to water and dust.

The design of this smartphone is inspired by Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

The iPhone X Tesla comes with a certificate of authenticity and a one year warranty. The phone is shipped free, and Caviar says that the transaction is accompanied by a personal consultant and that one pays only after a detailed inspection.

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