THE LG G7 ThinQ arrives in Mexico, and this is its price and availability

As promised, LG Mexico, the G7 ThinQ has been presented in our country today, throwing your smartphone more powerful and intelligent in Mexico to compete against other companies such as Samsung, Apple and Motorola are betting heavily on the mexican market.

The specifications already in the know, however, it should be noted that the equipment that arrives in Mexico is the G7 ThinQ, and not the G7+ ThinQ, whose difference is the storage capacity and RAM, as the more advanced version features 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, while the G7 ThinQ has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The full specs of the new G7 ThinQ that comes to Mexico are the following:

If there is something that stand out from the smartphone of LG is its screen borderless 6.1-inch that includes, for the first time in the history of LG the famous notch or tab, and which surprisingly has shelved its OLED technology to bet again for a panel with LCD technology.

The sound is another of the points where this smartphone stands out above all because of software and hardware, something few smartphones high-end can boast, and that is that the G7 ThinQ has a speaker “Boombox” that promises to double the bass boost thanks to the deployment of a resonance chamber, so that LG mentions that we will have a powerful sound and high fidelity that is not equalized in any other smartphone in the world.

This team is also the first to offer DTS:X to provide 3D sound virtual for all kinds of content and up to 7.1 channels of audio with headphones. Continuing with the legacy of LG in offer great sound on their smartphones, the G7 ThinQ is equipped with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC for high audio quality when combined with high-end headphones.

And as the camera and the artificial intelligence are two of the protagonists from the last year, the G7 ThinQ features a dual sensor of 16 MP powered by AI for detection of scenes and in order to provide the best possible fit.

Likewise, under the volume controls to find a button that will trigger Google Assistant so automatic as already happens in other phones, while that with 2 quick strokes will activate Google Lens.

It is also important to mention that LG is added for the first time to the fashion of the bokeh or portrait mode on their devices, and all of this is implemented in software, as the second lens of the dual camera is not a telephoto lens, but a wide angle, so that it is not possible to use it for this kind of photo.

Price and availability in Mexico

Daniel Song, CEO of LG Mexico, has mentioned that their goal is to position the G7 ThinQ as one of the 3 smartphones of high-end bestsellers of the country. For this reason, their price of output is $17,999, and is now available exclusively with Telcel.

What do you think of the new LG G7 ThinQ?

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