The LG V40 will be brought forward to the Galaxy S10 and would be the first with 5 cameras

Despite the size and importance of LG as a brand, the signature south Korean has not had the best years in the market of the hand of their latest devices, especially when trying to compete with teams like the Huawei P20 Pro, the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9+, which is why the asian company will include for the first time in its history, a phone with 5 cameras in the LG V40.

As mentioned the site Korean ET News, the camera triple of the LG V40 will have a sensor of 20, 16 and 13 megapixel camera, one of which will be normal, another great angle, and it is expected a telephoto, so that could be the first phone in the world to obtain that configuration, which is one of the most expected by the users.

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On the other hand, we will have two front-facing cameras, which will serve for the photo in portrait mode, in addition to that you will have a sensor-wide-angle. Supposedly both cameras are also support you to achieve the scanning face in 3D, although it is likely that this equipment does not include technology for infrared as it happens in the Xiaomi Mi A8 and the iPhone X.

The screen could be another of the strong cards of the LG V4O ThinQ, as the middle argues that will have a screen that covers over 90% of the front, reaching to the limits set by Xiaomi, and OPPO, and that few brands have been able to accomplish this year.

Likewise, the presentation is expected to be during the IFA Berlin in early September, so the team would be known after the Galaxy Note 9, but before the new iPhone, so LG will have to produce something really good if you want your high-end smartphone will be included among the best in the market, especially after the iPhone we will know the Google Pixel 3.

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