The new color of the iPhone X that all are waiting for

Despite the fact that the iPhone X is the best smartphone of Apple today, the reality is that sales have been below expectation, a situation that could make Apple stop producing the phone this year. However, the company might have an ace under the sleeve to increase the demand for the iPhone X.

As had been rumored some months ago that Apple could release a new color for the iPhone X, and has been a leaked memo from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the united States) where it shows the new color of the iPhone X.

Blush Gold” or “pink Blush” for its English translation, is the color that Apple plans to increase the sales of the team, which has a tone between pink and peach, and you might think that it is aimed at the female audience, however, brands like Samsung have had success in the market with uncommon colors such as purple or green, so this iPhone X may be the liking of many users.

It is important to mention that the FCC must protect for up to 180 days the information and images of the devices certified to operate in the united States, so the fact that you have been shown the document with the picture of the phone, it indicates that your presentation could be very close.

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A few days ago, Apple introduced the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus special edition (PRODUCT) RED, and many users expressed their annoyance on social networks when Apple did not include the iPhone X in this new edition.

According to some rumors, in the case of this color if you increase the sales of the iPhone X, then it is likely that the “Blush Gold” is one of the versions available for the following generations of the iPhone.

We will be awaiting to bring you all the details of the new color of the iPhone X when it becomes available in the market.

Do you like the new color that could have the iPhone X?

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