The plan of Elon Musk to save the children trapped in the cave of Thailand

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, ElonMusk, has announced on Twitter that he will command a team of engineers to Thailand to help in the rescue efforts of the children in the youth football team trapped in a cave.

Musk said,”SpaceX engineers and Boring Co. go to Thailand to see if they can be useful to the Government. Probably there are many complexities that are difficult to appreciate without being there in person”. Boring Co. it is the company of Musk dedicated to the building of tunnels for transportation project ultra-fast underground, while SpaceX focuses on the aerospace sector.

The decision of Musk to send a group of engineers comes days after a user of the social network Twitter I asked for help to get to the twelve minor thai and his trainer of the cave. To that request, Musk replied: “well, I Guess that the thai Government has this under control, but would be happy to help if there’s any way to do it.”

A day later, Musk stressed that Boring Co. “you have a radar advanced penetration of the soil and is quite good at digging holes.” In addition, SpaceX is put in contact with an enterprising thai to contact the Executive of Bangkok for offering the help.

Also in the social network, Musk, launched an idea to overcome the difficulties of the rescue: on the one hand, to provide enough power to the pumps that are extracting the water to speed up the process. On the other, trying to facilitate the exit of children by the passages more narrow. About it, Musk decided to insert a tube of nylon of a diameter of one metre or a set of tubes and hincharlos “as if it were a bouncy castle”. So, would, points, an air tunnel within the cave that would lend itself to the walls of the passages and the tunnels narrower, and would allow young people to leave.

Meanwhile, the rescue is speeded up to the anticipation of new rains and the danger that the hollow which shelters the group can become flooded. The death in the last hours of one of the divers who participated in the tasks of rescue, evidence of the difficulties of the operation.

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