The possible price of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Mexico, Europe and the united States

3 days of that Samsung official new Galaxy S9 and S9+, Evan Blass has leaked the original prices of the new high-end company, and despite the fact that it has generated divided views, the price is according to what we expected.

Clear that we cannot assume that this will be the official price of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, but due to the popularity of Evan Blass is almost a fact that will be so, and in case of any price change it is likely that the difference is minimal in respect to what you mentioned Evan.

According to the information leaked by Evan Blass, the Galaxy S9 will have a starting price of $841 euros, that the exchange rate would be $1,036 USD / $19,400 MXN. While in the case of the Galaxy S9+, the cost of output will be $997 euros, which would be approximately $1,230 USD / $22,925 USD.

As we can see, the price corresponds to the european market, but probably in the United States, the figure will be similar, that is to say, we can wait for them for a total of $800 and $900 respectively.

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The price differences with the Galaxy S8

Almost a year ago, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and at one point, the price of launch were $809 and $909 euros respectively in Europe, while in the united States its release was $750 USD for the S8 and $850 USD for the S8+, while in Mexico the cost of output was $17,299 MXN and $19,699 MXN respectively.

To the point that I want to get with this is probably that the cost of these phones in Mexico, and the united States is not so different to that seen with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, is to say, probably in Mexico, the initial cost is $17,999 MXN for the S9 and $20,199 MXN to S9+, so we are talking about a cost still lower than that seen in the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, two of the phones more expensive that we can find in Mexico.

Will have to wait until next Sunday to find out if Samsung unveils the official price of the different markets of the world, but I could bet that we will have to wait to be put on sale in each country to know the official release price.

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