President Trump could not block users of Twitter, says the Court

Donald Trump is one of the most famous incidents and individuals of the modern history of world politics. Having been elected the president of the most powerful country in the world, Trump has done, from the beginning of his mandate, all kinds of nonsense versions has. It has provoked a feeling of hatred, of racism, against those who are not “americans” and since then, migrants have been the first to suffer the harassment of the authorities that aim to deport the illegal are on the way.

Also, Donald Trump has shown an insensitivity to the world, insulting everyone who seems frail. The mexican people have been treated badly, has said that all of them are rapists, thieves, criminals, and even, in his latest statements, he commented openly that they were worse than animals. And this is clearly not him at all in international politics.

It is known that Trump is a frequent television and social networks, particularly Twitter. And here is where your account @realDonaldTrump becomes the spokesman of the most outlandish and bizarre ideas of a representative american. Even more, when he begins to receive complaints from other tweeters by its behavior, Donald Trump makes what other users do many times: locks that are bothering you or that simply, for whatever reason, don’t want to know them.

It appears, however, that the president of the united States would be unable to legally block other users on Twitter. The District judge Buschwald has presented a document of 75 pages where it articulates clearly why Trump can’t block other users because it is violating the rights granted by the first amendment.

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“Going to the merits of the plaintiffs of the First Amendment, we argue that the discourse in which they seek to participate is protected by the First Amendment and that the President and Scavino exert government control over certain aspects of the account, @realDonaldTrump, including the interactive space of the tweets sent from that account. This interactive space is amenable to analysis under the doctrines of forum of the Supreme Court, and is properly characterized as a public forum designated. The Exclusion based on the point of view of the individual plaintiffs in this public forum designated is forbidden by the First Amendment and cannot be justified by the personal interests of the First Amendment of the President” after a year.

This in a nutshell requires the president Trump to stop block, and unblock users who have previously been blocked. It is clear that Donald Trump can’t happen then that freedom of the block to a third party, because it is a public person, because it is the american president and because the First Amendment compels him -in a few words – to “endure” the comments of third parties, even if you don’t like.

Of course all of this is a minor thing that probably Trump ignore, because he seems to understand that the law does not apply as to any other americans, and feel protected by their public office. Trump has a number of lawsuits from women who have been harassed, for example, but that seems to have no effect on the ride everyday of this character. The decision of Buschwald it seems that there will be a stripe over the tiger of all the outrages of this powerful entrepreneur and even more than a year ago, the president of the united States.

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