The next iPhone charger could be faster with its USB-C

A series of leaked images, they give to know the possible charger that would come accompanied by the new iPhone, which in addition to have the change of standard connection, you would have a higher load capacity.

The device would have a power of up to 18W, which would make use of the quick charge of the phone without having to acquire or buy an attachment and if this outside little, it will allow users to be able to connect the iPhone to a MacBook Pro without the need for a dongle.

This is commented, because previously for the fast charging of the 5W, it was necessary to have a adapter for MacBook with USB-C, just “the company of the apple” sells separately at a price of 88 euros, equivalent to 102 usd approximately.

The new attachment would work and would be implemented gradually in the products of Apple, as in MacBook and MacBook Pro without any problem.

This would eliminate the USB cable-Lightning to USB-C to Lightning, which would lead to a connection much faster and powerful that the audience was accustomed to as fast charging of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, that if it were useful, we also need a third charger 30W, which is up for sale with a cost of around 50 dollars.

This is why, in 2017 was challenged to integrate the support of fast charging for smartphones, since they are not used to full capacity if they continued selling the traditional carriers.

Is it bad if I charge my smartphone with a charger that is generic?

Despite the fact that the rumor started last year, not had any tangible evidence to believe that this was possible, so that the recent exposure of the photos makes the rumor to support it, even if it is a little bit and created that will come included in the boxes of the following models of the iPhone.

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