The temperature record of Scotland, was annulled by the fault of an ice cream truck

It is a known problem of the weather stations that take the temperatures used for the official records. Although generally reliable in the short term, their location makes them susceptible to data higher the actual when you are used to taking a series of temperatures in the long term due to changes in their environment by urbanization, which causes the appearance of surfaces of concrete or asphalt or heat sources, such as compressors of air conditioning. A study of 2015 concluded that about two-thirds of the stations of the united States had this type of problems.

Sometimes, however, this type of problems are more specific. And that is what has happened with the station located at the Strathclyde Park Motherwell, who set a temperature record in Scotland 33.2 ° C in the afternoon of the 28th of June, a day especially hot. The warm weather that protects the measuring instruments –called in English “screen of Stevenson” in honor of the English engineer who designed it, the father of the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson– it is next to a parking lot. And the day of cars stood next to him, an ice cream truck with the engine running to keep the freezers.

Because of this, the Met Office uk has decided to dismiss it as a record of temperature in Scotland since there are measurements and return to the previous 32.9°C as the August 9, 2003. Although it would be necessary to see the conditions of the station Greycrook where you took it; should not be too good because it was closed almost immediately after, in 2004.

The low reliability of the weather stations long-term and the problems of corrections statistics that are applied to them to correct them have been a common complaint of skeptics with the theories alarmist of climate change, who tend to prefer measures of the satellite is always that are available.

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