The RED Hydrogen One is delayed again and the new date of your arrival

He says that “there is no date that do not arrive, or term is not met”, but when it comes to the arrival of the Hydrogen One NETWORK to Mexico, this time limit may be postponed several times. And is that just some weeks ago, were we informed of the arrival of this exotic device, only with a holographic screen of Leia Inc., exclusive to Telcel, and now the company announces that arrived is postponed again.

According to a report from Mashable, the new date for the RED Hydrogen One comes to Telcel in Mexico, along with AT&T and Verizon in the united States, will be the 2 of November. Although, according to the founder of RED, Jim Jannard, if you do the pre-order of the device, the shipments will begin on the 9th of October, although it does not specify whether this applies to Mexico and added that the entire calendar can change.

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The reason for the delay is that the FCC american commission that regulates telecommunications in that country, just gave last week its approval, although it is still pending the issue of the battery of 4,000 mAh -the only one capable of supporting the display of holographic 5.7 inches – which is going to include, as explained in the official blog of NETWORK.

The price of the device will be of 1,295 dollars (speaking about smartphones outrageously expensive, check out what is rumoured to have cost the new iPhone), but this new delay gives us more time to continue piecing together our pennies, because yes it will be a large payment if you want to see 3D images holographic on the screen of your phone. and Partners.

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