The portrait spoke more ridiculous in the world turned out to be so authentic that the criminal was found immediately

The police of the city of Lancaster in the us state of Pennsylvania has identified an evil-doer thanks to an image that is difficult to call a “verbal portrait”. But don’t be quick to criticize the artist: despite the fact that the drawing seems to have been done by a child, he managed to convey the similarities with fairly good accuracy. discovered what was a guilty man, and it is said that in some cases you can identify a person, and his verbal portrait.

A witness approached the police and told them that a man posing as a seller in a kiosk on the street. Took customers money and then fled with the money before the true vendor returned. The witness gave the police a “verbal portrait,” which, in his opinion, described with precision the appearance of this seller fake.

Surprisingly, it was this simple image that helped police officers to identify the perpetrator. It turned out to be a homeless man, 44-year-old named Hung Phuoc Nguyen, who had already violated the law previously. That is really how it looks.

When I showed the picture Hung to the witness immediately identified him as the seller fake. Police issued a warrant for the arrest of the criminal, but his whereabouts are still unknown.

However, how did the police identify the man thanks to this image? Perhaps it is that the artist managed to somehow convey the facial expression.

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