The Achilles heel of YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the new music streaming service that Google wants to compete face-to-face and with force against Spotify and Apple Music, two services that are positioned as the strongest on the market today.

After several years of trying with Google Play Music, with the launch of YouTube Network and the possibility of listening to music on YouTube, now comes YouTube Music, which is not the same as YouTube Premium, dwhere we already talked about the differences between the two services for a couple of days.

And despite the fact that the users still have the confusion between what it offers and how to obtain YouTube Music, the convergence with the Google Play Music, and the confusion with YouTube Premium, the new Google service offers some interesting benefits, but it has a much more serious problem that is urgent to resolve.

If you look at the comments of YouTube Music on Android and iOS we are going to see something to really call attention, and that is that the users are lifting up the voice with some features that they thought were included in the free membership, but that the truth is not so.

What are the differences between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Several of our followers have shared their discomfort with YouTube Music, unlike Google Play Music, this has a free version, but that has limitations important.

With the free version of YouTube Music you can listen to all the songs that are on the platform, obviously you’ll hear ads (something logical), but the issue that many of you have expressed your disappointment is that you can’t listen to music in the background, and the truth we do not understand how it is that an application designed for listening to music does not allow you to play music with the phone’s screen turned off, when Spotify, which is your main rival does allow it in the form of freemium.

On YouTube we have become accustomed to that everything is free, but with ads, and therefore the users were expecting something similar. Clear that YouTube’s always been thought as a platform for consuming video, so there was no sense in adding the player playing in the background, although paying for the Premium subscription it is possible to access this function.

What will happen with Google Play Music and all the music that I went up now that there is YouTube Music?

That is to say, if you want to hear the music of YouTube Music in the background (outside the application) or with the screen turned off, then you have to spend per box, so if your idea is for YouTube Music in its free version can replace Spotify, because I doubt that you do.

Something that we also need to know is that Google has chosen to use absolutely all of the music possible YouTube to add a YouTube Music, therefore we have an extensive catalog, one that despite the fact that I have not been able to confirm, it says that it has more than 50 million songs, beating more than Spotify and Apple Music.

The problem with this is that we are also going to find with tracks that have an audio quality really bad, because the went up by any user, or well, are not meant to be enjoyed purely as music, but that was recorded from a live presentation or program, but were not used the tools necessary to emphasize the sound of the band, and go for many users this is a tremendous headache.

On the other hand, Google Play Music still exists, it is a fact that is going to disappear, and in theory, the music of Play Music should be added to YouTube Music, but we don’t know when it will be (even if it is going to happen). And is that another thing I have found is that a lot of songs that we can find without problem in Play Music, are not in YouTube Music, and this detracts a lot of the experience because the idea is not to use two different apps, when in Spotify, you can find practically all the music that you are looking for without any major problem.

Google has to quickly fix these problems, I understand that maybe playing in the background for Youtube Music want to keep it as a hook so that users pay for the service, but if you want someone to notice your product you must at a minimum be at the level of your competition, and YouTube Music is not.

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