The keyboard Google Gboard will allow the iPhone to write in morse

Learn how to write in morse will now be a possibility that all people will be able to do thanks to the Gboard, a keyboard I think Google and which works across the devices of iPhone that have iOS.

Despite the fact that this language had already implemented a couple of months on Android with a beta version, now comes in a formal way, the company Google that will make it possible for users of the smartphone can enjoy it.

For installation you only need to download the application Gboard, which can be purchased from Google Play or iTunes, and select it as your language, this is how the keys will be replaced by a point and a line, which is clearly the only thing that you need to be able to begin to write that way.

With these symbols being deployed, the messages that you write will be translated automatically, just as if you were doing it with a telegraph and the person to whom it is sent, you will be able to read it in the language string, that is, with letters and numbers.

In fact, to support this language there is a free game that I think the same company so that you can learn the basics and essential of the code, so there are no excuses for not to acquire a new knowledge and useful.

The implementation of morse code, in addition to teaching the users to use it, it serves for those people who have mobility problems and not be able to write quickly, as they will facilitate this activity by providing a simple way to communicate in case they need something urgently.

The keyboard of Google will be one of the best news Gmail

This implementation is a clear example of how you can take full advantage of technological advances to benefit thousands of people.

This news shows how important it is to Google that all have access to the communication and is actually taking into account all the sectors that integrate the society.

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