The Tesla Roadster launched into space could crash into the planet Earth

Last February 6, SpaceX launched into space the newer car of Tesla, known as the Tesla Roadster, the electric car that boasts of being the fastest in the world today. However, the mission as such was conducted to test the launch of the Falcon Heavy, proving that there are still a couple of things to Polish before the next mission, whose objective is the exploration and conquest of Mars.

One of the problems of the mission was the final push that would be the Tesla Roadster to fit it into the planned orbit, and that this seems to be spinning around on the red planet for thousands of years was that that impulse had a higher power than expected, so the Tesla is out of the route drawn up, putting into doubt their future.

Among the possible destinations of the Tesla Roadster, there is the possibility that you end up striking on an asteroid, planet or artificial satellite that affects a mission in progress, but researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, and the University of Ontario, united States, mention that even could crash into the Earth.

These researchers performed simulations of the orbits that you could take the Tesla Roadster, which is currently at almost 4 million miles of planet Earth, concluding that there is a 6% chance that the car Elon Musk to collide with our planet, although the first approach likely would be until the next 2091.

The Tesla Roadster won’t arrive to Mars, it will be lost in the space

Tesla Roadster orbitas planetarias

As we can see the odds are not high, and in the event of an impact you could define the place of the crash, that could be some ocean, so that would not carry danger on human lives, but does not rule out an impact in any major city in the world, which without doubt would have some impact to the company of Elon Musk.

On the other hand, Venus is another of the planets where I could finish the trip of the Tesla Roadster, because the planet has a 2.4% chance of impact.

It seems that there is nothing to worry about until this time, and we hope that the next mission of SpaceX is still better than that achieved by the Falcon Heavy.

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