The VAR will return to regular the Supercopa of Spain

This year technology took a further step in the long path it has followed for several years, because this time was introduced to the world of football in a direct manner thanks to the System of Videoarbitraje (VAR, for its acronym in English).

This issue has divided the fans for the way they believed it would affect the judgment of the referee, while there were others that defended him for the same reason, because they argued that it would be a useful tool that would help to substantiate the decisions that were going to take.

Like it or not, the VAR caused a great impact in the World of Russia 2018, where it was thought that it would be the last time that you would see in action, but it seems that that was only the start of his career, because it just confirmed that it will now be used to monitor the match of the Supercopa of Spain.

With the order of the arbitrators can issue a fair trial in respect to the plays that will be developed and that the party is as clean as possible, it is like the players of Barcelona and Seville will be recorded every one of his movements.

To carry out this action, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) first had to approve it, and days later, he issued the decision to the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), who through a press release made known that both teams accepted without problems the use of such a system.

For VAR to be effective, it is said that the day before (Saturday 11 August) will be a series of tests on the Stadium and Ibn Battouta.

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The referees appointed to the game are Carlos del Cerro Grande, Jesus Gil Manzano and Angel Nevado González, who shall have the positions of referee, assistant referee video, and wizard VAR respectively.

The union of sport and the VAR may be seen once more this Sunday, August 12 at the stadium of Tangier in Morocco at 15:00 hours. and Partners.

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