The watchOS 5 could have its own built-in Walkie-Talkie

The news about the new devices that it will launch Apple in the autumn, are more eager than ever, and how not to do it if thousands of people want to know everything about it, and go they have reasons to do so, because the hardware with which they will come are very special.

This is exemplified with the watchOS 5, which in addition to being a smart watch that measures the physical activity of oneself, helps users to communicate with others, but this time to make it much more interesting, to re-introduce the Walkie-Talkie.

This function will be used for the Apple Watch to be used as transmitters and receivers between the people who use the same devices.

It is said that they will refund it because in 2014, when it was released to the public, it was announced that one of the hardware that I would have would be the above-mentioned Walkie-Talkie, but nothing came of that, because it has not arrived after knowing that was removed in the final version of the clock.

Despite the fact that they had done a great deal of publicity from him, where it looked a totally different interface to the now on and a volume controller which helps to modulate the waves of the voice, it was not released in the market because there was not a lot of watches with which it may interact, at least not in that moment.

Now with the passing of the years, this will be possible because the situations and products have changed in such a way, that there is a new presence of the smartwatches with which you can interact and get the maximum possible benefit.

With this clear, it is known that the operation of the Walkie-Talkie in watchOS 5, is based on a kind of “disguise” based on the FaceTime audio where communication will be of the highest quality with a speed which is huge.

To use this function, it will only be necessary to open the Walkie-Talkie and turn on the availability, then select a contact to talk with him, which of course must have the watchOS 5 installed on your watch and ready, since that is a question that the person you want to contact will receive a notification that you want to use the tool with him.

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Once you have accepted the invitation, you must press the yellow button to begin recording the message and when you stop squeezing, it is sent and you receive and you may listen to in time almost as real as when you sent it.

The advantages of the Walkie-Talkie is that it works with the Wifi of the phone or some other network that it is near, so that it will not be a concern for users, in addition to having the tool on your cell phone will not increase the battery consumption of the clock.

This functionality is expected to be as successful as it promises to be and do more easy the way of communicating with other people.

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