Choose a tree to know what changes it has in store for the New Year

Many people like the psychological tests. Some do to confirm something, others for a better understanding of themselves and others for pure fun or to take advantage of the result and given a particular motivation. you prepared a test based on color psychology, which may tell you something new about yourself. In addition, its result will reflect what you secretly want it to pass in the coming year.

Look at the nursery and listening with attention to your inside voice choose a tree for your garden

Do you already chose? Now we can move on to read the results

1. Oak

What is more likely is that you are people who always see the glass as half full. For you life is a great adventure full of surprises.

As you are open to live new emotions and ready for the change, the coming year will bring important events and pleasant. Not you’ll be limited by the circumstances. You love the wins and after every achievement you make in the coming year, you will wait for a nice surprise.

2. Larch

Perhaps independence is your middle name. For you there are no limiting factors that prevent you to choose your course.

The next year, your creative skills will be able to help you significantly increase your income. You won’t need to bend over backwards to achieve professional success: if you remain faithful to your principles and convictions, finally you will reach everything that you expect from so long ago.

3. Maple

Possibly you have a personality sensitive. You spend more time than the others to deliberate about yourself and about the world around you.

During the year that is coming to your life will a person with whom you will start a harmonic relationship. Despite the fact that you are self-sufficient, and not even to get out of boredom, your life will become brighter and you will experience beautiful adventures.

4. Alder

Surely you are a practical person and balanced. To be with you is cozy and comfortable, because you have your feet firmly placed on the ground. You are a person that can be trusted.

Even if you are essentially strong, and sometimes you suffer because others see you as someone fragile and sensitive. For that reason, many times the relationships with the opposite sex don’t turn out as you would like. The coming year will bring positive changes. You will find a person who will appreciate your kindness instead of trying to take advantage of it.

5. Myrtle

It is feasible to say that you are a person who is sure of herself. In your life everything is under control, never trust in luck, only in your own strength.

Don’t leave anything for later and splo are dissatisfied when things seem to be resolved. Those around you feel the power of your spirit and give you collaboration easily. Thanks to your perseverance and sense of responsibility, in the new year you expect a breakthrough in the career ladder, which will be a logical result of your efforts.

6. Plum

Maybe you are a person that is peaceful and rational. Do you like to spend time with your friends, but also not despise the loneliness.

Sometimes you need to be alone with yourself to think about the meaning of life and rest of the world around you. And even if you do need to have your own space, in the future awaits a crucial time in your life will a person to which you want to open your heart. And you can’t go wrong.

7. Linden

What is more likely is that you are a person with analytical, self-confident, in that you can trust. Your sensitivity helps you see what really matters.

Those who are not as insightful as you, literally push you towards you to a person will discover a real pearl. You will meet someone with a sense of style as sophisticated as yours, and in whose life the culture plays a role just as important as yours.

8. Brown

Probably you can say that you are a person dreamy and romantic. You refuse to see things from a rational point of view.
For you, what is more important is what your heart tells you. Away from the people who denied feelings and rely solely on reason, you go to a happy moment in your life, you’ll meet the person who has the same dreams with you, and shall not limit the multiplicity of ways in which you express your emotions and feelings.

9. Willow

Likely to be extroverted. You like to take risks and assume responsibilities in exchange of an interesting job.

You’re tired of the routine and waits the opportunity to play an important role in current events. Thanks to your energetic initiative we expect changes that will allow you to open the wings. Your active way of being about the moment of fame as expected.

What it means to your choice:

The tree that you have chosen speaks about how you perceive yourself and what changes you think are necessary in your life. Your choice you can also speak about a part of your personality that you can’t see, but which is evident to those around you.

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