#ElJuicioUnocero ⚖: The good and not so good of the drones

Before you buy a device, flying it is important to know if you really should buy it or not, because despite the fact that all depends for what you will, you must know what good and not so good for the drones.

This will help the user to decide whether decide to buy it or if you better wait a little more time to get it out of the store and make it fly through the skies, the water or earth.

The good thing about drones

Are easy to control

Although many believe that it is not so, the truth is that when you understand how it works, everything becomes very simple to carry, so images, videos and other content that you want to make, it will be easy to obtain.

Shipping of items

The fact that the majority of the drones are moved by the air, it makes people and stores to be able to send multiple items/products to their friends or clients, without any traffic problems.

Accordingly, and as another advantage of drones is that they reduce the costs of shipping, therefore the times of transfer and the security of the packages, because you do not have to be criminals on the roads waiting to pass the truck or vehicle with the products.

Media content

The world of multimedia content has become increasingly professional, thanks to the drones, because they can get photos and videos in stunning locations that are not made to see by the human eye; which means (especially for photographers and audiovisual producers) who may have a great quantity and quality in the material that they will use for their projects.

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Less pollution

One of the positive aspects that have the drones, is that it does not pollute as much as they do over other types of devices, already used do not use gasoline as the car and therefore, produces no nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2), which are extremely harmful to the air that you breathe.

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The use of drones can occur in different types of environment, so that you can use to take care of the security of some factory or a home, for audiovisual productions professionals or even to send objects to a client or in any situation where humans cannot enter.

Example of what not to do: a Thief used a drone to steal houses

The not so good of the drones

Invasion of privacy

Drones tend to be seen as objects that invade the privacy of others, so you should always have the permission of the owners of the areas to be able to use them, because otherwise, it will be seen as objects invasive and annoying.

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The total dependence of climate

As mentioned previously, if you do not have a good climate, you can’t fly a drone, because it all depends on the direction of the air or the rain (if it is seasonal), so if you have an urge to blow it up, or making a referral, you have to always expect that the weather conditions are this way.

Terrorist use

To be able to fly a drone, in Mexico and several countries of the world, you must have a special permit because of not being so, is considered as an illegal activity that may be caused by terrorism and no one wants to go through that.

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Capacity limited by weight

It is true that you can move things from one side to the other, but this have to be light, because the drones do not have a large weight capacity, which means that it can only load with one or two objects, no more or your flight may be affected.

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The cost of a drone tends to be high, so that it can be considered as a disadvantage, especially if you wanted to count with him immediately, so that if they do not have a good sum of money and you can expect to have a drone with high quality, the best will be to wait a little more.

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