Elon Musk and the founders of Deep Mind undertake not to create weapons with AI

At present it is not so surprising, the fact that there is Artificial Intelligence, which itself has come to raise several eyebrows, is that they are creating weapons with it, is frowned upon by the society because in this way any person will have easy access to them.

With this in mind, it’s like Elon Musk, the founders of Deep Mind , and thousands of experts from the technology industry have signed an agreement where they agree that they will not participate or support the business of the lethal weapons, this also will enter in the development, manufacture and trade of these.

The document, which was signed during the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) held in Stockholm, saw 164 member organizations in over 90 countries and 2,410 people are committed to not creating systems lethal that are based on Artificial Intelligence.

Within the list of people who approved this document, are the same Elon Musk, Jaan Tallinn, founder of Skype, and Jeffrey Dean, head of Google Research and Machine Intelligence.

This fact emerged as a measure necessary to regulate the creation of weapons and know what is acceptable and not within the military sectors and projects of the government, as several companies have been harshly criticized for showing support to the development of these as Google, who is in the crosshairs of several people because they have a contract with the Project Maven to the Pentagon, which provides this type of technology to the military.

Hawking and Wozniak say NO to arms with Artificial Intelligence

In this way, it is as the document has the firm idea that the decision to end a life should never depend on a machine, as it is a vital decision that cannot be put adrift.

Even there is a call to governments to implement regulations and laws that control everything related to these weapons; let’s hope that this is respected and not left in oblivion.

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