In 2019 for the first time humanity will spend more hours on Internet than watching TV

For many of us the Internet is virtually an extension of our body. We use it for everything and all the time, but there are several regions of the planet where it flat-out does not exist or its use is very limited. Nothing compared to the television that after decades of history, it has managed to penetrate to the nooks least suspected.

GRAPH: the speed of The súpercomputadoras has grown more than 100-fold in this decade

That is why, at least until 2018 the hours that the humanity consumes the Internet had never overtaken the time spent watching TV, but the next year everything will change because 2019 will go down in history as the first year in which the human being will spend more time connected to the Network using the “box of crazy”.

According to a report from the international agency Zenith, in 2019, the human being will invest on average 170.6 minutes out of your day connected to the Internet, a minifracción of what on average will spend watching the TV with a total of 170.3 minutes, a fact unprecedented.

Zenith compiles these data to analyze how they are transmitted, or distributed media products, considering channels such as television or print newspapers, against the playback of streaming video platforms like Netflix and YouTube; even read a newspaper in its digital version in addition to the calculation.

These are the habits of today’s digital 79 million mexicans who use the Internet

The TV has lost ground year-on-year after the arrival of the services in streaming and the increase in bandwidth that has become much more accessible formats of high definition online. Also the consumption boom in mobile devices has facilitated access to content that formerly only belonged to the television.

It is estimated that estimated by 2018, almost 25% of all media consumption is through mobile devices, a substantial leap against 5% in 2011. In accordance with Zenith, every human being, on average, invests 8 hours a day consuming media in any of its forms: digital, electronic, or physical.

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