In this scene from ‘the lord of The rings’, Viggo Mortensen “risked” life

‘The lord of the rings’ has been one of the trilogies gained most successful in the history of cinema. The adaptation and performance of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien for the big screen not only left profits in the billions, but created a solid base of die-hard fans of the tapes and their players.

What?! What Tony Stark is the son of an alien?!

For them, the writer Ian Nathan prepared the book “Anything You Cain imagine: Peter Jackson & The Making of Middle-Earth”, which is assumed to be the volume more full of stories and anecdotes that occurred during the ambitious film, made primarily in the lands of Oceania.

One of the things that very few knew, and certainly was not in the public domain, is that Viggo Mortensen, the actor argentine-american who plays Aragorn, and one of the three main characters of this saga of celluloid, had to, literally risking their lives. And we do not speak of any death, but of being torn to pieces by a mine and ballistic used in the wars.

According to the story of Nathan, during the scene in part 3, “The return of the King”, in the final battle between the army of humans and elves, and Sauron, composed mainly of orcs, there is a sequence in which Aragorn gives a speech to his soldiers who are facing death in front of thousands and thousands of wild warriors in the Black Gates.

All the footage of those sequences were filmed in the Desert Rangipo, New Zealand, which used to be used by the militia of that country to make military practices, because what we are invaded by frames of artillery without percudir. Of course, the production use a secure area that was well demarcated, but for the sequence of Black Gates Viggo Mortensen made several of the scenes outside the limits, where at any moment might explode with some of the pieces of artillery.

So says the author in an article published by Entertainment Weekly. “There is a part in which Jackson recalls to be waiting for that to happen the explosion. To have found your Aragorn perfect, and then watch him fly into pieces by a bomb without exploring new zealand”, wrote Nathan.

Fortunately we now know that all went well, and not only earned one of the films most epic of this century, but Mortensen came out unscathed, so that we all win by the courage of the actor and the daring of Jackson. This is the scene that caused the whole thing, is let by that nostalgia. and Partners.

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