In this image you can read the name of Avengers 4; the networks they exploit

When it comes to digital marketing, big ideas are destined for success. A simple image of a set uploaded to their official account by the Brothers Russo, the directors of the franchise of the Avengers, not only to reveal allegedly the name of the film that culminates more than 10 years of franchise superhero, but has caused an explosion in social networking that is an avalanche of free promotion for the future film (as if you need it).

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According to the reports, this picture reveals once and for all, the official name of Avengers 4 after a couple of leaks. The post the brothers Russo just says “Look hard…” (“note well”).

And thus began a chain reaction that has reached thousands of users and counting. And they all seem to agree that the name of the film, one of the most anticipated of 2019 will be, “End Game” (end Game). The revelation makes a LOT of sense because it coincides with the gazapo that had Trent Opaloch, in charge of the cinematography of the film last July.

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The rest is history, users have been turning en masse to Twitter to share that they, too, have found the “secret” that hides the image. It will be in may of 2019 that finally we will be able to discover what that is preparing Marvel to close with a gold brooch which has been the universe of the film more ambitious and massive in the history of cinema. and Partners.

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