In this world there is nothing perfect, except for these 30 photos

In each one of us lives a perfectionist who is thrilled by the matches and the impeccable harmony of things. So, the photos where everything is perfect and that have no default are a true feast for all the world. selected 30 small surprises for your perfectionist inner. Look at these photos and load up of visual pleasure.

The time and location accurate

A work esmeroso

“The eyes of the socks were perfect for the holes in the shoes for my niece”

Perfectionism urban

Perfect geometry of rabbits

On a frozen lake

Without human

The magic of real life

This worm got in the baize of the entry

Nature is the best specialist in Photoshop

A pyramid-perfect pancakes

When you can only let your eyes rest

“Another reason why I adore stationery stores”

When the Moon kisses the sea

A perfect sphere

The ice covered near very unusual way

You can find inspiration in everything

A visual feast

A fairy tale winter

“Thus prepared treats my wife”

This aloe vera is mesmerizing


Delicious copies of the paintings of Mondrian

As if it were the center of the universe

Bonus! A short video about a soap bubble that is freezing

What will help us to find even more beauty in the everyday? Send us your photos in the comments or tell us what it is that has brightened up the view últimemente.

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