Find the answers to 10 questions distressing on some cartoons resolved the issues about the cartoons that occupied more than a generation. So, listen up!

What is the secret recipe of a Cangreburger?


  • toasted bread with sesame seeds,

  • pickles,

  • lettuce leaves,

  • pickles,

  • tomatoes with a minimum of fluid inside,

  • minced meat (preferably beef + pork) with raw egg,

  • cheese,

  • muddled,

  • mustard,

  • salt and ground black pepper.

Preparation: cut in half the bread with sesame seeds, put the hamburger fried minced meat, then put mustard and ketchup is excluded, pickles, then a leaf of lettuce, dill pickles (you have to kiss them yes or yes), cheese, tomato and a little bit of love. We cover everything with the other half of the bread, and voila!

What breed is Scooby-Doo?

Scooby Doo is a great dane. The creator of the cartoon copied to the character of this breed of dogs. But in the end they changed the color of Scooby, we added the patches and modified some parts of your body. All this plus its unique character, formed a character memorable.

What the Donald Duck is a cannibal?

No, it is not a duck, it is a turkey! In this chapter, the characters celebrated the Day of thanksgiving. And on this day by tradition everyone must be eating turkey, even ducks cartoon.

Does the mouse of the series of the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” is a boy or a girl?

Well, no comments.

How do you see the sun from “Teletubbies” now?

Here it is! Now she is a student of 22 years. Jessica Smith recently at the age of 19 told that it was she who played the role of the sun in this children’s program super famous. And no, she is not an actress. Just his smile was noted by a pediatrician in the hospital. The producers of the series he was commissioned to find a child for the role of the sun.

Why is it that in “Tom and Jerry” only show the hands and feet of people?

The fact is that this cartoon shows the reality in the perspective of the animals and not the people. Imagine, if we could see the owner in full, the cat would be too small and not to speak of the mouse. That is why in most of the cases, we see socks or shoes of the owner, and even this is what characterizes the animated cartoon.

But even so, once the spectators are convinced the creators of the show to the owner.

Why the Simpsons are yellow?

From the beginning, the creator of “The Simpsons”, Matt Groening, understood that the tv needed color. I could not stand the usual characters of pink (like pigs) and when the animators showed him the Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie of yellow skin, he realized that it was something unusual that was needed to create a success. And he was right. Today it is difficult to find a person who does not recognize these characters yellow.

Why is it that in almost all cartoons the characters have 4 fingers on their hands?

When the cartoons were made manually, this saved the time of labour and money of the studies. It seems a little… just a finger! But in the conditions in which a full-length animated film was drawn over the years by a collective of hundreds of artists, a finger could save more than a month of work. Well, with time became a tradition.

Why the ninja turtles were the names of the painters?

The authors of the comic book, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, had planned initially to name them with japanese names old (they are ninjas after all!). But after jokingly gave them the names of the artists of the Renaissance: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Bernini. Then all of them thought that Bernini didn’t sound good and then came Donatello.

Why Disney princesses don’t have mothers?

There is a theory heartbreaking for the fans of the study. The fact is that after the first great income, Walt Disney bought a house for his parents in which his mother died because of a hole in the pipeline. Because of this, Disney felt guilt and as he himself supervised all the scripts, tried to avoid this topic.

But this is only a theory. In reality the absence of the mothers of the protagonists is deliberately done to create a feeling of loneliness. This allows one to associate better with the heroine, especially children and adolescents, who mainly do cartoons.

And what other questions about cartoons not allow you to sleep from your childhood?

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