Poll: do you think that Facebook or some of its applications, listen to what you say to the microphone of your cell?

Facebook has been the topic of conversation the last two weeks, and today Mark Zuckerberg, CEOP and co-founder of this social network has stooped down before the congress of the united States to explain everything related to the scandal of Cambridge Analytica.

And one of the things that most caught our attention was the statement from Zuckerberg regarding the collection of data through the microphone, mentioning that Facebook does not listen to what the users say all the time to collect their data, because they only make it for voice calls and voice notes within their services.

Interestingly, many users believe otherwise, there are even those who have evidence of Facebook if you keep an active listening of the microphone of the phones of its users.

Facebook will pay up to 40 thousand dollars if you find the new Cambridge Analytica

For this reason we want to ask you the following:

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