#EpicFail SEP left hand with six fingers in a text book and there are already memes and tweets

#AunqueUstedNoLoCrea The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) distributed at the national level a textbook that comes with an image of a hand with six fingers, a clear attack on the human anatomy-and-error that has caused shock and outrage.

The error is included in the new edition of the text book of Mathematics for second grade of primary school, specifically in the page 161 of Block 3 “Rods, quarters and fingers” a left hand with six fingers.

We have to talk about the “inclusive Language” and its viral effect

While the physical textbook already has several copies as evidence, on the site of the National Commission deLibros Free Text (CONALITEG) was an immediate correction in the digital version where it appears the limb with the five fingers that corresponds to it.

However, for the keen users of social networks, the damage was done, and immediately began the mass production of formidable memes and tweets that will be pleased to this bittersweet moment, because for most that is laughing, one can’t help but think that the highest body of education for the country you put in to always six fingers to a hand, “human”. #TengoMiedo

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