Errors ridiculous of historical films that almost no one noticed, not even the fans more attentive!

The fans of the movies particularly attentive to notice every detail while you look at this or that tape. An incorrect name of a lake, gladiators with cars powered with gas bombs, nothing escapes the people most retailers! But many of these errors are so strange that insurance a large number of people don’t even notice. has collected 11 errors absurdities of historical films.

11. Miracles, unexpected, 1999

The action in the film takes place in 1935, in Louisiana, united States. All death sentences in Miracles unexpected were carried out with an electric chair. However, in this region, that method is lethal is not used until 1941.

10. The enigma code, 2014

This film is about the English mathematician Alan Turing, who worked tirelessly only to decrypt the Enigma code. In fact, he used the help of Gordon Welchman, a man who was not even mentioned in the tape.

9. The last samurai, 2003

The flag of the united States, with 43 stars, flashes in the film from time to time. But the action takes place in 1876, and the number of the stars appeared for the first time in 1891, when the states of South Dakota and Northern Montana, Washington, and Idaho joined the rest.

8. Apollo 13, 1995

It seems that all is well in this excellent film about the american astronaut Thomas Kenneth Mattingly. But he was not involved in the rescue mission of Apollo 13. In the photo above you can see the real Ken Mattingly, and the screen capture of the movie, which shows the actor (Gary Sinise, which is located in the middle) interprentándolo in this mission.

7. Brave Heart, 1995

6. Troy, 2004

This movie is full of errors, from coins that were placed in the eyes of the corpses (in those times did not exist), until a umbrella with metal rods that appears over the heads of Paris and Helen.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003 — 2017

Movies Pirates of the Caribbean is based in the 1740s. In those times, people had problems with the fruit. But we can see Granny Smith apples in the movie (did not exist until 1868) and bananas sweet (which first appeared in 1836).

4. Titanic, 1997

When Jack tried to avoid the suicide of Rose at the beginning of the movie, he tells a story and mentions that once, in his Wisconsin home, he caught on lake Wissota. But, in fact, this artificial lagoon did not appear until 1917, 6 years after the accident Titanic.

3. JFK: case open, 1991

This film only encouraged the distributors of the conspiracy theories associated with the death of JFK. David Ferrie has been charged with murder for a long time. In one scene of the movie, at the hotel Fontainebleau, he made an alleged “confession”. In fact, he has never supported anything and has always denied any involvement in the crime.

2. Gladiator, 2000

In the movie Gladiator , you can see how the ancient romans carried a gas pump in their cars. In those days they didn’t have gasoline.

1. Marie Antoinette, 2005

A good error can be found in the biographical film of Sofia Coppola about the life of the queen of France, Marie Antoinette. It is unlikely that the sneakers were a trend in those days.

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