Is it a good idea to use aluminum foil to improve your Wifi signal?

Use aluminum foil to increase our WiFi signal is one of these tips confirmed by the users most geeks and that is a sign of a fang long and twisted technology. But if you needed to convince someone of its effectiveness, a new scientific study came to show that the properties of aluminium are the solution to your connection problems.

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According to researchers from the prestigious University of Dartmouth in the united States, to wrap our router with aluminum foil may not look very cute, improves the signal considerably.

But that does not stop the benefits, but also reduces the interference and create a barrier that makes it difficult to violate your connection, so that makes it more secure. Something very useful, especially now that is becoming fashionable the massive attacks to routers.

But how does all this work?

It is all about the character omlidireccional of the antennas of the router and to the properties of aluminium. When you create a barrier of aluminum foil in the device, the signal becomes directional, i.e. pointing in only one direction. For example, in a department you can make your router just point to the room, and focus your power on the accurate location of your connected devices.

You can lose quality of the signal in other places of your house, but usually we connect in the vicinity of the routers, so that as you work in any way.

Researchers from Dartmouth took the trick home to a more sophisticated level, and created a system that prints 3D models that aim the signal towards where you want. After the figure is printed on plastic, wrapped in aluminum foil and ready to go.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, or you’re a scientist like Dartmouth, you have an amazing guide of how to enhance your router using a couple of cans. So, you know, get more out of your WiFi connection using aluminum home. and Partners.

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