It’s official: Instagram is back to the timeline in chronological (more or less)

The algorithm of Instagram has been a topic of controversy for a time. Then operate from its beginnings and for many years with a feed chronological, months ago changed for a system that is difficult to decipher based on relevance, interest and advertising.

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Now, in attending to the complaints of their millions of users, Instagram will modify your feed. The good news is that the first experience will be new chronological; the bad news is that in the scrolleo vertical will this new formula strange that is not understood very well.

Instagram announced the changes through a press release on his blog in which he also spoke of other innovations such as a new button to upload new publications without the need of that each time you access the App from loading automatically, and you will lose what you were watching. Although this tool is still in testing phase.

Instagram continues to be one of the social network of higher growth until the end of 2017 more than 500 million users per day.

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