Listen to how did the movement of ‘ 68 with the podcast Spotify

A day like today, but 50 years ago, took out one of the most important events that mark the society of Mexico and to the student community: the movement of ‘ 68, where hundreds of students died because of the repression and censorship that was part of the government.

So to emphasize how important it is to fight against these two enemies and the whole world knows what happened on that Wednesday, the UNAM is joined with the platform of Spotify to launch a podcast series that will rebuild those facts.

In this way, it is as through five episodes will be the way in which the movement was born of ‘ 68, the institutions involved and the impact it still has today with the new generations of young people.

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The idea is to get a chapter a day, so that transmission is started from this Monday 1 October and will end until Friday, October 5.

The narration of the podcast 68, will be in charge of Brenda Camacho, Nacho Lozano and Benjamin Salcedo, but also to hear the intervention of the characters that lived in the flesh the movement, which Carlos Monsivais, Elena Poniatowska, and Paco Ignacio Taibo II, José Agustín and Jorge Volpi.

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These testimonies and those of other people, were collected by the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco for the memorial M68: Citizenship in motion, so that you can have the certainty that you speak with the truth of the facts.

The titles of the chapters were designed so that people could know a little of what you hear every day:

  • First chapter-1968: Mexico and the world in motion
  • Second chapter-The square in movement
  • Third chapter – society in motion
  • Fourth chapter – The music of the moment
  • Fifth chapter – media in motion: film, television, radio and newspapers

Thanks to the friends of Chilango, here you can listen to the first two episodes of the podcast: and Partners.

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