This app records the screen of your Android phone without you knowing

Yesterday we shared with you the study from the Northeastern University of Massachusetts where he was showing that your phone was not listening to or sending audio to other servers without your consent, this after a journalist mentioned that his phone was listening to him, a situation that arose the interest of the University, and the privacy concerns of many users.

Well, the result we already know, our phones are not we are listening, however, there are researchers that have mentioned that the study could be improved, because it is difficult to ensure that it is so with the amount of tests that were made.

Does your phone you’re listening to? Scientists spend a year getting the reply

However, the University researchers discovered something interesting, because one of the applications that were used for the studied showed that it was recording the screen of the phone without notice to the user.

It is GoPuff, an application for ordering food from home. The problem is that once we execute the application starts recording the screen of our smartphone, in addition to sending this video to another domain, which is that of a company of analysis in the management of apps to enhance the experience called Appsee.

According to the researchers, this app records the screen while the user does not give permission to do so, as it sends the postal code of the user to Appsee. The drawback of this practice, is that Appsee could view sensitive information displayed on the notifications, a situation that should not happen with any application.

This problem was already reported to Google, who is studying the case, in addition to that with Android P this type of problems will end, because the system notify you when an application wants to record the screen of your smartphone without your consent, or when you want to activate the camera to spy on you.

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