This artist learned to draw in your computer: look at the result

The artist, Cynthia Decker, she learned to draw, not with pencils or colors, but with a mouse: she grew up in a family of engineers, where the computer appeared when she was still a girl. Since then, Cynthia has not changed their tastes, and still practicing digital art, checking with his work that digital artists are just as great that that paint on a canvas. gathered for you the best of the artist’s works in the style she calls “realism ” imaginary”.

1. Introverted

2. Sewing tiny

3. Personal growth

4. Release

5. Bears, hummingbirds

6. Lily of the valley

7. A world of stories

8. Alley at noon

9. Watercolors

10. Higher than the night

11. Bridge under another bridge

12. Unsafe

13. Perfectionist

14. Castle far away

15. Flags with prayers

16. Between the cracks

17. Abandoned

18. Nest

19. Evasion

20. Tea infinity

21. On the shore

22. Light bearer

23. Terrarium

24. Winter garden

25. Forgetful

26. Problem drinking

27. Travel

28. Guardian of spring

29. Political

30. Any bay is perfect during a storm

What about you do you think about digital art? Or do you prefer the conventional art?

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