This artist believes that women are corpulent are much happier than the skinny, and these 22 works of his show

Sarah-Jane Szikora lives and works in Great Britain. He started to draw 4 years in a hospital, after a surgery on his eye. With the time, passion, Sarah became his profession and is now an illustrator and designer. After having lived through an eating disorder when I was a teenager, she began to think: why are we so obsessed with the issue of overweight? And, with that in mind, she created a special world where you can be satisfied and happy at the same time. gathered together the works of a more positive and tender of this artist.

In his imaginary world, the life of the weak it is difficult

There the women “fat” are the powers-that-be

Enjoy life to the fullest

Make picnics desserts

Sometimes drink wine

Play chess candy

And they do what they want

Without limitations, some

In this world the main thing is the food: pies and cakes, of course

Like candy and cookies

The desserts are an obsession

Make the girls do things poorly designed

But also the saving of them

Vegetables exist only in your nightmares

To fashion here is very sweet

And the hats are very tempting

No one cares about the overweight

Because the lightness is a state of soul

And no doubt its perfection…


And majesty

To the cats of this world are tons of warmth and kindness

And here is the artist

Sarah says: “despite the fact that my works are positive, light and fun, remind us that happiness does not depend on what you want to see the balance.”

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