This is the first external battery for your iPhone certified by Apple

Apple is one of the firms most special in terms of third-party accessories are concerned, for a long time, has generated controversy with his decisions with regard to the repair of phones by third parties, and the signature is also not very open with the manufacture of third party accessories from other brands.

Fortunately, Belkin has been the first company that has obtained a certification from Apple to create the first external battery for your iPhone or iPad. The task has not been easy, because Belkin has had to manufacture his device to the Apple’s taste, with some specifications and levels of quality.

Certainly this is not the first powerbank that can be used on an iPhone, but it is the first port Lightning certified by the company from Cupertino, because until now most of the users should use a USB cable to Lightning to use an external battery.

The model of Belkin is the BOOST CHARGE Power Bank 10K, which has a battery of 10,000 mAh, and with which we can charge two devices simultaneously.

Another of the advantages you have with port Lightning is that we can use our cable to the iPhone to charge the battery, which according to Belkin, it will take approximately 3 hours to reach 100% charge.

The problem faced by Belkin, and that in part is the fault of the certification Apple, is that their price increases nearly 20 more dollars compared to other batteries of similar brand that does not have a port Lightning, since your cost is $59.99 dollars, i.e., $1,150 mexican pesos, approximately.

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In addition, many other batteries of well-known brands offer a safe load for your iPhone or iPad with the USB charging port, so it is not a gadget that will solve the lives of many people, less if we consider that it is likely that soon the port Lightning disappears.

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