This function of the Pixel 3 will be near it Iron Man!

Yesterday, we held the Made by Google, an event where the company presents the series of products in which he had been working for a long time, and he unveiled the new Pixel 3, a phone that makes it possible is close to Iron Man.

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So as you read, the Pixel 3 has a feature called Playground, which literally puts the Iron Man and other animated characters, to a side of the people when they are taking a photograph.

Although it may seem like magic, the truth is that it is all due to the stickers with the virtual reality that had already been presented to the public a year ago, but this time they return with more characters that allude to the anniversary issue 10 years of Marvel Studios.

In this way, the users of the Pixel 3 will be able to play all the time they want with the different stickers that are there, which can also help to express the mood you are in that moment.

It is important to know that the stickers in Playground, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which makes each time you take someone out with the camera, but do not have idea what to put, will suggest a couple of stickers that go according to the activity being undertaken at that time.

The best thing of this whole affair, is that it not only works when someone else you’re taking a photo, but it also makes it when it is in mode selfie, by which one same can be done for your own images, and presumirlas many times as you want.

The packages of stickers that come in the Pixel 3, in addition to Iron Man, are the Weather, Pets, Sports and Signals, so that any situation can be illustrated with them, even if it is not to the liking of the people, (soon) will be able to dance with Childish Gambino as he does in his music video of This Is America. and Partners.

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