This case turns your smartphone into a coffee maker portable

Technology and coffee; coffee and technology. For many it is a combo mandatory. The problem I used to sometimes be able to get a good dose of hot caffeine, but that problem may belong to the past thanks to Mokase, the sleeve for your smartphone that allows you to prepare a cup of this popular brew into little more than five seconds.

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According to reports Chilango, Mokase is an Italian and is made with silicon, of aluminum, which not only guarantees the security of your phone, but that efficient energy consumption of the appliance to last for a longer time.

But now comes the interesting thing. To prepare your coffee in Mokase, you only have to insert the cartridge fillers coffee into a slot on the side of the cover. To manage the operation you will need to download the App and click on the coffee cup that appears on the screen. Only with that, this device does its job, and in a matter of a few seconds you’ll have a coffee ready to be drunk.

The good news is that the cover Mokase does ship to Mexico. What’s wrong? Your love must be very large (and your wallet), because the price is in euros and is not cheap. The jacket costs 69 euros (about 1,570 pesos) plus shipping. The worst part is that is only available for iPhone models (6 – 6S, 7 – 7 Plus, 8 – 8 Plus and X) and Samsung (S6 – S6 Edge S6 Edge Plus,S7 – S7 Edge and S8 – S8 Edge).

Take into account that not only you will need to buy the cover, but that you also have to buy cartridges with coffee. Mokase sells packages with a variety of taste that goes from classical, toasted and Arabic.

The packages have from 15 to 50 cartridges and the price goes from nine to 25 euros, that is to say, between 200 and 560 pesos.

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