This 9 year old girl shows you how they are the “smart houses” of Japan

The bathroom modern japanese is practical in all aspects. In the first place, you can save water, electricity and time, but also ensures comfort and the possibility to enjoy pleasant moments of rest and nothing to distract you. introduces you to Aiko, who has lived in Canada for 7 years and now, since 2, live in Japan. She will show you a department japanese, or more precisely the bath and you will have all of its amazing features.

A bathroom can be used by 3 people at the same time

The sink, the toilet and the bath are in different rooms in a department japanese. A small dressing area with a sink, where the washing machine is connected to the tub, and the toilet is separate.

Then, the bathtub is a place where one can relax, forget about the hustle and not worry about someone in the family to break the privacy, wanting to use the toilet or wash their hands.

The bathroom faucet extends and turns into a shower

The bathroom faucet which is placed at the side of the sink allows you to increase the space over the sink. It is very convenient when one needs to bathe pets or small children, washing clothes or toys.

On the floor there is a grid of drainage

Next to the bathroom there is a special chair, on which you must wash with soap to enter the water as clean

The bath to a japanese is above all a place where one can relax, moisturize the body, taking a long bath in water scented and not the place where one bathes. This is the difference of our bathrooms, which are full of all kinds of gels and shampoos.

The bathroom accessories include a small chair and a small bucket to draw water, and rinse. In this chair the japanese enjabonan the body, wash the head with shampoo and rinsed it all under the shower. In the water you should come clean. Neither is the habit of poke your head under the water.

This approach allows the use of a bath for all members of the family and considerably save the consumption of water.

You can wash the entire bathroom with the shower

It is very easy to wash the bathroom with a shower. All of the water out of the walls drains into a grate in the floor. It is very comfortable: you wash and wash the bathroom.

The heating and the rubber cap of the tub

In Japan there is no central heating in the winter. In contrast, the japanese use all kinds of ways to warm up. In each house there is a kotatsu, a table with a heating element installed under the lid and a blanket.

Many homes have a bathtub traditional japonasa, furo, with very hot water: about 40 °C. There is the habit of taking a steam bath every day. This is not a luxury, but a way of keeping you warm in the cold winter nights.

In the departments, they are replaced by the bath with heating, and the rubber cap, which preserves the heat better and saves electricity.

In the baths modern japanese there are control panels

The bath japanese is equipped with a control panel. Using the buttons you can:

  • to maintain a constant temperature of the water for all members of the family;
  • turn the emergency button to ask for help;
  • call someone from your family to bring a towel that you forgot to take it with you, a cup of tea is an aromatic or a book.

And in the kitchens are also

Even the japanese contemplators do not like to waste time. No running from here to there, to verify if the tub is full. A special sensor adjusts the temperature of the water, fill the bath automatically, closes the faucet and gives a sound signal that you can go to bathe.

The bath water can be used for the washing machine

After that all the members of the family have been bathed, the water is still clean enough for re-use in the washing machine. Of course, if before the people to wash with soap and shampoo outside of the bathtub.

Just lower the second end of the water supply hose to the tub and turn on the washing machine. And as the water is still hot, it also saves electricity.

There is a sink over the toilet

You can wash your hands immediately after using the bathroom. The water is turned on by the signal of the infrared sensor and it is left in the reservoir of the toilet, from which you then wash in the toilet. This is another method to take advantage of the resource.

The clothes are dried directly in the bath

To prevent mildew in the bathroom there is a hood that can operate in two modes: hot and cold air. So that you can hang clothes and to dry it quickly.

The bathroom has a tv

There is no practical benefit, but you can enjoy your favorite TV series or a football match while enjoying the hot tub.

In the public baths there are special facilities for children

For any mother, it is a dubious to enter the bathroom with your baby in your arms. In the public baths japanese there are folding seats that one can sit at his small child to wait.

Perhaps the japanese technique “intelligent” is not cheap and not all the apartments have a sink, but many of the japanese options to save money since you implement and free.

For example, after bathing, place the water supply hose at the washing machine, since in many apartments and this is located to the side of the bath. If there are two people in the family, the first one can first bathe with soap in the shower and then enjoy the bath with warm water to leave clean water to another person.

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